Now a qualified nurse, Arjuna returned to work at the Home that cared for her

Anitha’s parents died in a road accident when she was two. Her aunt tried to care for her and her siblings but could not cope and so brought Anitha to the Light of Love Children’s Home.

She did well at school, completed Intermediate College and then trained as a nurse. In February 2014, Arjuna came full circle and joined the staff of the Home assisting Dr. Sowmya to care for the children.

Dr. Sowmya considers Anitha to be a perfect appointment because she understands the children so well. She has made a terrific difference by lessening the demands on Dr. Sowmya who has always found it difficult to recruit and retain qualified nurses.


Elijah was born in May 2011. His mother was a 16-year-old prostitute who had lost her mother and appealed to the Tuni Home for help when she was pregnant.

She stayed there until she gave birth. Neither she nor her relatives wished to take care of the boy. Moreover, she was HIV positive.

Elijah tested HIV positive when born but has since tested negative which is a huge relief. When three months old he contracted cerebral encephalitis and required 45 days in hospital.

He is now thriving, cared for by several older children, and is affectionately known as Dumpa (Telegu for potato)


Salmonraju contracted polio as a boy, losing leg power until he could not stand. His father worked as a rickshaw driver and had four other children to support. With one precarious income between them, Salmonraju’s parents appealed to the Light of Love Children’s Home for help. He entered the Home aged 9.

In 2005, SLA supporters raised funds for corrective surgery on Salmonraju’s legs to help him walk again. This meant Salmonraju travelling to Mumbai with SLA founder Gillie Davidson, where he was operated on by a renowned surgeon.

This was daunting for such a young boy and made even more frightening by the floods in Mumbai that summer: the water nearly reached Salmonraju’s room on the second floor! The operation was a success and Salmonraju braved the excruciating pain with incredible spirit. With intensive physiotherapy from SLA volunteers and LLCH medical staff, and his own extraordinary determination, Salmonraju was walking within six months.

He went from strength to strength, completed school and was one of the first LLCH children to get professionally qualified, gaining a Diploma from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) College, Chennai. Even more impressively, Salmonraju then moved to Hyderabad to look for work, landing a job as an audio engineer in a TV and film studio.

He has since paid for a new home for his parents, married a former classmate and they have a young daughter.

An inspiration to us all, Salmonraju has shown that children born into terrible disadvantage can transform their lives through their own bravery and the love and support of others.

Salmonraju Contact Number : +91- 767-502-1285


After working as an unpaid housemaid for years, Sita was thrown onto the streets

Sita’s parents died when she was very  young. She was from a very young age forced to work as a housemaid, passed between three different families. She cleaned floors and fetched water, slept in hallways and never received any payment.

When the last family went to Dubai, they threw Sita onto the streets. Luckily she was found and brought to the Light of Love Children’s Home.

She had had no schooling and her first year was very difficult.  She could not socialise with the other children and was very angry.  Thanks to the care, attention and love of the staff and children at LLCH, she is now very happy and settled. She likes to look after the younger children and is very caring with them.


Stella was orphaned when her father was killed in a train accident.

Her mother had died from chicken pox and her father was bringing her up. They were on a train together when her father stepped off to get some water. As the train started to move, her father slipped and was killed instantly.

A government official, a fellow passenger, took care of Stella and she was brought to the Light of Love Children’s Home. A maternal aunt has been found but she cannot look after Stella.

Despite this traumatic event, Stella has settled very well.  She has been at the Home for two years. She is quiet but not shy and whatever she is taught, she absorbs.  She listens intently and her teacher thinks she is absolutely excellent! She is very affectionate and has made good friends.